Best Things to Do In Nashville, Tennessee 

There is something for everyone around Nashville and middle Tennessee. Best Things to Do in Nashville started with a friend who was visiting but didn’t enjoy the country music or honky tonk scene that most tourtist would come to Nashville for. I thought about it and realized that no matter your interest you can find something to do in Nashville so I compiled a list of the best things to do when you visit Nashville, Tennessee. 

From the Visual Arts, Civil war era homes and battlefields, a rich history for historical buffs, places for photographers, constantly changing murals and street art, foodies will love the southern cusine and BBQ options, famous graves in Nashville cemteries, there are lots of performing arts and comedy in Nashville, Ghost tours for the paranormal enthusiast around Nashville, lots of nature options for those who want to get away from the city, a nice selection of waterfalls are within 1.5 hours of Nashville for those wanting to get out in Nature.We are called the buckle of the bible belt but there are other faiths here too with a tour of places of worship. The most likely reason people come to Nashville is for the Country or Christian music scene and there is a tour for that. There are festivals, events and concerts all the time, it is not an overstatement to say there is some event every day here. 

I moved in 2002 to Nashville and have seen the massive growth come to this city, this is a great city to visit and live in (despite the growing cost and traffic). I hope you find this website helpful and you enjoy your visit to Music City, USA.